Changes to Queensland Labour Hire Laws

Do the new Queensland Labour Hire Laws apply to you?

Queensland's new Labour Hire Laws establish a mandatory licensing scheme for anyone providing labour hire in Queensland. Anyone using labour hire is now only able to use a licensed provider.

The new laws commenced on 16 April, 2018.

Do I need a licence?

A person (individual or business) provides labour hire services if, in the course of carrying on a business, the person supplies, to another person, a worker to do work.

All labour hire providers will need to be licensed.

Labour hire providers will have to have their licence renewed annually.

There are some exemptions including high income workers, secondments and volunteer workers.

What if I use a labour hire service?

You are now only able to use a licensed provider. You are able to search online to see if the labour hire provider you use is licensed. Go to to access the register of licensed providers.

How do I apply for a Licence?

Existing labour hire providers must apply for a licence by 15 June, 2018. If you have applied for a licence prior to 15 June, 2018 you may continue to operate while your licence application is being assessed.

If your licence application hasn't been made by 15 June, 2018 (for either new or existing labour hire providers), you must not operate as a labour hire provider until you have been granted a licence.

You can apply for a licence online through

What if I don't comply with the new laws?

There are strict penalties for both labour hire providers and those who use an unlicensed provider to supply their workers. Penalties can include potential imprisonment or a fine.

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