What is a Pipeline?

A free seminar was run by Rural, Mining & Gas Lawyer, Melanie Oliver and Coal Seam Gas Lawyer Amy Gudmann on the Arrow Bowen Pipeline in Rockhampton on 22 September and in Middlemount on 8 December to discuss how the pipeline could potentially impact properties in the area. Melanie heads the Rural team of specialist lawyers at local law firm Rees R & Sydney Jones who assist landowners in their property related matters, in particular coal seam gas, mining and resumption matters, as well as vegetation offsets.

As you may or may not be aware, a “pipeline” is not always just a pipeline. Under the Petroleum and Gas Act, a pipeline is “a pipe, or system of pipes, for transporting petroleum, fuel gas, produced water or prescribed storage gases, GHG streams or other substances that the regulation allows”, or part of a thing connected to or associated with the pipeline that is necessary for its operation.

Examples of things that may be included in a reference to a pipeline:

  • meter stations, scraper stations, valve stations, pumping stations or compressor stations

  • plant and equipment, machinery and tanks

  • corrosion protection apparatus

  • communications equipment and towers

Landowners should be careful when they assess the compensation offered to them by Pipeline Companies. Consider including penalty clauses and timeframes for construction and rehabilitation, access to water and future land use.

Rees R & Sydney Jones Solicitors has had a long affiliation with rural clients and we travel to different areas to conduct seminars of interest. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Melanie Findlay on 07 4927 6333.

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