The Carbon Market & Trading

Melanie Findlay and Emma Kime attended the AgForce February 2016 Member Meeting in Middlemount to discuss carbon emissions and the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Below is a brief summary of the presentation, the full presentation can be viewed here The Carbon Market & Trading: Emissions Reduction Fund.

What is the Carbon Emissions Reduction Fund?

The Emissions Reduction Fund is a voluntary carbon offset scheme and part of Australia’s pledge to reduce emissions and create a competitive carbon market. See also The Landowner Lawyer’s discussion on the 2015 COP21 blog “What’s all this Paris stuff?”

Accredited Projects

  • Beef Cattle Herd Management

  • Feeding of supplements

  • Avoided clearing of native regrowth

Beef Cattle Herd Management

Management practices that reduce emissions include establishing higher quality pasture, providing a feed supplement all year round and expanded watering points.

Feeding of supplements

This project requires urea lick blocks to be replaced with nitrate lick blocks and the use of the Beef Nitrates Calculator.

Avoided clearing of native regrowth

To be eligible for this project, the land must have native forest cover and have been cleared at least twice in the past.

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