$10 Million State Funding for Rockhampton Road Train Access

State Funding Confirmed

Bill Byrne, Member for Rockhampton, has recently confirmed that the Rockhampton Region is set to receive $10M in funding from the Queensland Government’s State Infrastructure Plan to support Stage 1 of the Rockhampton Road Train Access upgrade.[1]

Bill Byrne has commented that “with this commitment we will be able to see the upgrade of both intersections at Moores Creek Road and Musgrave Street and Queen Elizabeth Drive and Lakes Creek Road (Bridge Street) intersection.”[2]

The completion of Stage 1 of the Rockhampton Road Train Access upgrade will enable road trains to easily navigate through Rockhampton to the abattoirs and “ultimately save the industry time and increase freight efficiency”.[3]

With an economic study of Rockhampton’s Road Train Access completed and a route identified, construction works are due to commence in the first half of 2017.[4]

While this State funding announcement is welcomed news and will bring many benefits to the Rockhampton Region and the local industries, Rees R & Sydney Jones understands that local homeowners and landowners may have concerns about the proposed route and how the future plans of the Rockhampton Beef Loop Road (also referred to as the Rockhampton Ring Road or Rockhampton By-Pass) may impact on their properties.

If you have any queries or if you are approached by a government department or receive a notification outlining that your land or property is going to be resumed or taken, please do not hesitate to contact our Rural, Mining and Gas Partner, Melanie Findlay on (07) 4927 6333. Melanie has local experience in resumption matters and is happy to assist you to understand the resumption process and your rights.


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