Rookwood Weir with Melanie Findlay

Below is a transcript of Melanie Findlay’s interview with Aaron Stevens of 9904RO from June 2016.


Yeah that’s right, we have been tracking this project for a number of years and trying to inform people about the EIS process and making submissions.

So we had a couple of sessions last year both held at Alton Downs and out at Duaringa, then there was also the government information session that was held in October where we had some politicians coming up and talking about funding and how the Weir would work.


So what have we learnt from those?


Ah, not much. Whilst everyone is really happy that there is an announcement in regard to the funding of agriculture, and whilst any funding towards agriculture is a good thing, I guess people feel that the funding gets announced about election time and we will wait and see if it going to happen.




The other thing people are disappointed in is some of the people that are directly affected by the inundation have voiced concerns at those meetings that they haven’t been written to or weren’t aware that the EIS process was going on, and that’s probably just because it has been going on for so long.

People move, and maybe the databases with the government aren’t up to date. So, at these sessions it is quite surprising the number of people who aren’t aware of inundation easements or how the Weir will be handled.


So it is important to get to these sessions if you are affected?


Yeah, to ask questions.

Agforce is hosting another information session on the 23rd of June.

So we are going to be attending that one along with Geraldine Squires who has been guiding the EIS process from the government side of things. We hope that having Geraldine there as well as some members of the Gladstone area Water Board and Agforce will help to, I guess, address some concerns if people are worried or haven’t got any information.

We are going to hold the session in the morning at Alton Downs and then we will be out in Duaringa in the afternoon to cover both Eden Bann and Rookwood.


Right, okay. So if people want more information about those sessions?


Yep, they can either contact our office or give me a ring. It is 4927 6333. The event is actually an Agforce event, so you can also contact Sharon Howard who is our local Agforce representative.


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