Rural Property Sales with Melanie Findlay

Below is a transcript of Melanie Findlay’s interview with Aaron Stevens of 990 4RO from April 2016.


Yeah I think there is actually a bit of optimism in the rural property market at the moment. I guess we have come off some bad seasons or some droughts and some floods.

In the office we have seen that we have got a lot of clients who are actually trying to buy properties at the moment, so it is definitely a seller’s market.

And so I think a few years ago people either found it tough or they were displaced from their properties after they sold to mines and they need to buy another property to maximise some tax benefits.

So, we have definitely seen that when a property goes on the market and it is a good quality property in Central Queensland, they have been selling really quickly and there’s a bit of a property shortage at the moment.


I guess when you look around and everything is green and looking beautiful at the moment too that sort of boosts the price up, doesn’t it?


Yeah so at the moment if you took a photo of a property its pretty green and the buffalo is nice and lush looking. I’d say now is probably a good time to take people out for inspections and probably encourage if you are thinking about selling your property.

Of course, talk to your accountant about your CGT consequences and tax, but right now places are looking pretty hot.


So what are the other things that people are looking for in the rural property market at the moment?


Lately we have seen properties that have a few head of cattle on them are selling hotter than bare blocks.

So maybe that’s something to think about, is there a few head that you can throw in there, and I definitely think the banks are looking for that as well just because I guess we have got some low stock numbers across Queensland at the moment.

But if you are going to add a few head of cattle into a contract, you have just got to have a think about your GST consequences and whether or not that is going to work for the buyer. But right now we are seeing that properties that are not sold bare, are probably selling better than those sold bare.


And what other areas are you noticing at the moment that are making this time in the rural property market a little bit different?


People lately are looking for agistment blocks and they cannot find them and the meat works are trying to wind their prices back and are only operating on a reduced kill market at the moment as well.

So we would expect that probably the prices would be continued well into this year, like they were last year as well. So I think perhaps this Chinese Agreement that everyone talks about has assisted the market, but generally we ignore that in our office.

I get phone calls from clients saying “Hey Mel, have you heard of anyone getting anything around CQ at the moment? Keep an eye out for me”.

Real estate agents are saying the same thing. They have got a list of buyers but cannot find anything for sale at the moment.


Yeah, alright, so if you do have a rural property then you have got the buyers ready to go!


Yes, obviously some things are confidential, but if you want to give me a ring it is 4927 6333.

But obviously talk to your local stocking station agent or real estate agent if you are thinking of selling because they honestly have lists of buyers ready to go.

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