Vegetation Management with Melanie Findlay

Below is a transcript of Melanie Findlay’s interview with Aaron Stevens of 990 4RO from June 2016.


Yeah that’s right, so it is a bit of a hot topic with rural landowners at the moment. There are some proposed changes that have been presented in parliament in regards to vegetation clearing.

Obviously it is very important to rural landowners because it pretty much effects carrying capacity, productivity and even the value of their property.

So, I just got back from Theodore, I’ve done some in Clermont, and I will be at Ag-Grow over the show period for the three days at Ag-Grow. So you can come and see me there and we will do some mapping for you.

Then we are going to have some more sessions in Moura, Bauhinia Downs and Biloela in July.


So there are laws in place at the moment that people might not know about?


Yeah, so those are the proposed laws that we have been showing people how they will be affected. But what has come out is that a lot of people aren’t aware that a couple of years ago some new laws came in in regard to special plants.

So, that is the Nature Conservation Act. Veg laws are about lots of vegetation, but the Nature Conservation Act is about special plants so cycads, or the other day we had a special potato, or a special frangipani.

A lot of people don’t realise that you might have locked in your PMAV, so your Property Map of Assessable Vegetation, which shows that your land is white. So you think that you can clear, but on your PMAV the special plants don’t show up.

So there is a full report that you have got to print to make sure you’re actually not offending the Nature Conservation Act. A lot of people are not aware that that is already in place.


So if someone wants more information, they can join you at one of those trips you are making around the place?


Yep, so head on over to our website which is and our calendar of events is on there. Or just give me a ring if you don’t think you can make those sessions because I could just pull a free report for you and go through it with you over the phone and email you the report that is available online.


What has been the reaction at some of those seminars you have already been at?


Very surprised people in regards to the blue trigger mapping, not realising that it is not new law and is already in place.

The other thing that has been really surprising is that people are not aware about how much the government can see and how they know how much has been cleared.

So we have been doing computer mapping at these workshops and doing each individual property so you can see what the government can see and how we can assist you in probably getting back some more productive land if we do some map changes.


Alright, once again check out the details on the website.


Thank you.


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