Solar - so hot right now!

The Queensland Government released a 4 page, Powering North Queensland Plan recently.

Further in the State Budget it is proposed that some $386million would be invested in the plan.

Interest in renewable energy projects has increased at a frantic rate since January 2016

Landowners are being approached by solar and/or wind project developers and in some cases, multiple developers are contacting landowners wanting to secure site access.

There are many incentives being offered to Solar Farm or Wind Farm developers right now. It may be the case that you are interested in a project being operated on your land, or if you have been approached by one or more project developers, you should inform yourself about the space in which you are entering.


As a starting point we recommend you visit the following sites (for a bit of light reading!)

Some landowners just happen to be located in a perfect area for these projects. As a start, these companies require access to the grid, meaning a large capacity power line or substation with capacity should be located nearby.

A landowner who has a block located out of flood areas, with favourable vegetation mapping and a freehold with good road access could be the owner of a viable site. This may command a good rental return from a Solar Farm.

A Wind Farm site usually again can be built on land with favourable vegetation mapping and on a range where the wind speed is appropriate.

It is important to choose your developer wisely if you are approached by more than one developer. Our office is happy to speak to you regarding the Solar Farm or Wind Farm state of play at any time.

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