Rehabilitation Advice - Motor Vehicle Claims

Many people who suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents need rehabilitation such as physiotherapy to assist their recovery.

Rehabilitation aims to return you to how you were before the accident. However, if this is not possible then rehabilitation focusses on you obtaining new skills or new ways of doing things.

If rehabilitation is required, then it should be provided as soon as possible after you have sustained an injury. Your doctor would be able to indicate whether you require rehabilitation services.

If the CTP insurer advises you that they will pay for your treatment and rehabilitation needs or the insurer accepts liability for the cause of the accident, the insurer will pay rehabilitation expenses provided that they:

  • are reasonable and appropriate;

  • relate to the injuries from the accident; and

  • are supported by original receipts.

Often the insurer will contact you to discuss your rehabilitation needs after you have lodged your claim. However, if you or your treating doctor feel that you need rehabilitation, you can personally contact the insurer and request that they fund the rehabilitation services or alternatively have your treating doctor contact the insurer and request funding of your rehabilitation needs.

It is important that you obtain approval from the insurer for the payment of rehabilitation services before you attend to ensure that these services will be paid for by the insurer. If approval has been given then often the rehabilitation provider will send accounts directly to the insurer for payment.

If the insurer has denied liability, you will be responsible for your own treatment and rehabilitation expenses. If it is ultimately determined that the insurer is liable then you can seek to be reimbursed for these costs.

Appropriate and reasonable rehabilitation services may include medical consultations, physiotherapy, psychological counselling, chiropractic care, medication, return to work programs, vocational counselling and job retraining.


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