Consigning Cattle? More paperwork from 1 July!

Consigning Cattle?

In July 2018 consignees of heavy vehicles could be liable for breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

The law tries to catch those in the supply chain and make them responsible for the actions of the operators of these vehicles.

Even though you don't drive the vehicle or have a role in the transport organisation you can be held responsible for breaches made by these companies.

Breaches might be related to driver fatigue management or speed limits, weight breaches, or scheduling unrealistic time-frames on drivers.

Graziers who transport cattle for example will now need to prove that they took all reasonable steps to prevent the breach by the driver or the operator.

This is a defence available to those in the supply chain. Risk Assessments will need to be conducted by consignee of goods and employees will need to be trained. Therefore, more paperwork...

For further information on what you need to do to cover yourself go to:

For us lawyers, better be careful what we purchase on eBay!

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