Sunwater Rookwood Weir Update

You may have seen last week, there were two information sessions held in Rockhampton regarding the upcoming Rookwood Weir Project.

Melanie Findlay, a Partner in the Energy, Environment and Agribusiness department at Rees R & Sydney Jones, attended both meetings to find out from the Project Proponent what the status of play is.

Sunwater Information Session - Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Sunwater held a Rookwood Weir information session on Wednesday 23 October in Rockhampton and later a similar session was scheduled for the late evening in Gogango.

As most would be aware the scope of the Rookwood Weir project has been the subject of some changes and speculation as of late.

Bob Adams appears to have taken over the role that was previously held by Mitch Carr. The main speaker at this session was Eoin Grennan, Project Delivery Manager from Sunwater.

Eoin explained that the project is going to be built by the Rookwood Weir Alliance. The Alliance is made up of three entities, Sunwater, GHD and the yet to be appointed Constructor. Sunwater will be the Construction authority, Operator and Water Marketer proponent of the alliance. GHD is to provide the design proponent and the Constructor will obviously make up the construction proponent. The Alliance is yet to be formed, but there was a timeline of the expected date for the completion of this part of the process.

Eoin explained that if the job is financially successful, then all of the participants in the Alliance are set to share in this success.

Sunwater Alliance

(Photo: Sunwater, 2019).

(Photo: Sunwater, 2019).

The first set of construction works to commence will be the 16.2km Thirsty Creek Road widening. This is a $7.5M contract which has been awarded to the Rockhampton Regional Council. Works are due to commence in November 2019.

The next set of construction works to be started will be the upgrade of the Capricorn Highway turn-off. This is about a 2.5km stretch of road, which needs to be upgraded for project viability.

The next phase of work to be started is the Riverslea Bridge. There will need to be an upgrade on the approach to the bridge and a replacement of the existing bridge. This contract will be awarded to a contractor sometime in February 2020 and work is expected to commence in March 2020.

In regard to Hanrahan Crossing, Sunwater are still looking at modelling and undertaking hydro work. It may be that Sunwater can leave the Crossing as is, or it might need to be upgraded.

During this session Eoin was asked if he knew how much the water would cost. He said that he didn't know and that he was there to talk more about the construction of the Weir itself.

Major Projects Forum held on Friday, 25 October 2019

Eoin spoke again at a Major Projects Forum in Rockhampton on Friday last week. He went through a similar set of slides to those that were presented at the Wednesday session.

Eoin was asked by Mary Carroll at this forum what the actual capacity of the Weir was going to be. She noted that it was previously going to be a 76,000ML capacity, but that there had been recent media reports and political talk that the Weir was now going to be about half of initially speculated capacity.

Eoin advised that at this point in time they were not sure of the exact expected capacity of the Weir. There is ongoing modelling occurring and losses and other factors are being looked at.

At this session Eoin mentioned that for a project of this size, there will usually be a camp constructed. He also said that they were looking at transporting people in and out of Rockhampton and Gladstone via bus.

Eoin advised that they were looking at commencing work on the Weir itself at the end of 2020. In terms of quarry material he said that there would be lots of opportunities to supply material, but they will assess the viability of extracting materials from the creek itself.

The Major Project Forum slides should be available via the Capricorn Enterprise website in due course (hopefully).

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