Happy Little Bowlers

Status quo makes us think when you are picturing a group of keen lawn bowlers getting ready to start their game that you imagine a group of mature aged locals in their freshly washed and ironed whites. Well this is not always the case!

On Friday afternoons at the Rockhampton Bowls Club, congregating on a neatly manicured green is a group of young primary school students. These youngsters from the Allentown Primary School have ditched the X-Boxes and PlayStations to learn and practice the sport of lawn bowls. The smiles on their faces says it all!

Lawn bowls is a great socialising sport, which can be enjoyed by all ages and for those youngsters that don't like being involved in contact sport. To allow more of our younger generations to be actively involved in this sport, a supply of smaller bowls are needed to allow these students as young as 10 to play. The Rockhampton Bowls Club are appealing for locals and local organisations to sponsor students to help purchase them a set of smaller bowls.

This is a great initiative to keep these children active. Rees R & Sydney Jones were only too happy to support this appeal.

If you too are interested in sponsoring this great appeal, please contact Bernie Gottke of the Rockhampton Bowls Club on 07 4922 1685 / bowls@rockhamptonbowls.com.au

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