Meet Bonnie

In an effort to introduce myself to those in the office that don’t know me very well at this stage, I would say here’s the gist of it!

On a personal level I come from a rather large family (partly because I have divorced folks) including 3 full brothers, 2 half-brothers and 1 half-sister. Dad remarried and had 2 children (which is one of my half-brothers and my half-sister); he’s 70 this year with teenage kids so you could say that my old man is a bit of a goa!! My Mum on the other hand had a child before she married Dad, which she gave up for adoption, who has come back into her/our lives, giving me a new appreciation for the sacrifice and gift that is adoption. It’s a good story, he has a lovely family, who without someone like my Mum, wouldn’t have been able to have children.

I come from an agricultural background. My family had cultivation country; we cropped wheat and barley predominantly and ran approximately 6000 head of sheep at the peak of things. When I moved to Queensland I was more involved in the cattle side of things with my partner’s family at the time.

My two eldest brothers have children so I’m an Aunty to 4 so far, who I love to spoil when I get the chance…I’m the bad influence Aunty who buys all the food/clothes/toys etc. that Mum and Dad say no to.

Bryan is my husband and he has three children so I’m a step-mother to those guys, however I probably see my role as more of friend/guide if needed. They are all adults now so there are no littlies at our house. I’ve always called this my pre-fab family…no nappies for me.

I’ve worked away in the coal seam gas industry for 10 years on roster, which had its benefits but I’m enjoying being home these days.

We live on acreage halfway to Yeppoon and it’s probably the best part of our life, we absolutely love where we live. We enjoy working on improving our little patch of space and we have a few horses, a dog and chooks etc…the usual menagerie that comes with hobby farms.

Other than that we love to travel as much as possible. We’ve been very fortunate over the last few years and travelled to some amazing destinations like Russia, Mongolia, China, Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica. Like George, we have also trekked the Kokoda Track which was a hell of an adventure.

Here’s to hoping this COVID nightmare is over sooner rather than later so we can all get back to doing some travelling, or whatever other pleasures in life that we’ve all been missing!!

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